Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A portrait artist takes Triberr for a test run

I recently tried a site called Triberr - it's a site where you join a "tribe" of other people and share each other's tweets by retweeting, etc. When the people in the tribe post to their blogs, the site autosends the posts to Twitter. Not just for that user, but to the Twitter feed of every person in the tribe. It did indeed increase hits to my blog (Triberr calls itself "the reach multiplier"). I think for some kinds of businesses it is great. For writers, I see it as an extremely valuable tool.

However, I received messages from some Twitter followers saying that they missed the "personal nature" of my Twitter account as it was before. A couple tweets went out automatically that had some kind of questionable titles and/or content.

Between the kind nudges from the fans and the inappropriate tweets going out, I decided it wasn't for me. Not to be prudish, it wasn't so much the content as much as my feeling of lack of control of things being posted that looked like I was posting them but I wasn't actually creating each action. I really don't feel comfortable in having that control taken out of my hands.

I will say though, that the networking and friendship factor in Triberr is a great thing, and one time when I had a problem, one of the creators of the website (Dino Dogan) emailed me personally and fixed my problem for me. I was very impressed! So Triberr has a lot of great things going for it.

I'm not knocking Triberr, but I do encourage you to really think about it, whether using a tool like Triberr to auto-tweet is going to be helpful for you, or whether it won't be a good "fit" for a portraitist. Personally, I think that portraits are such a personal thing for people to order, it deserves the personal touch.

If you want to learn more about how Triberr works, check out this About Us page of Triberr's blog.


  1. Hi Darla,

    I want you back in :-) But this time, join a very small, intimate tribe with bloggers you know and love. Then, build your own tribe where you have complete control over who gets in.

    Also, inside Content Settings, you can control how often Triberr will tweet your tribesmates posts. Default is 20 minutes but that can be increased in order to get back the more personal feel of your twitter stream without losing the visits and connections.

    Triberr defaults are made to suit average twitter user as best as we can guess, but if something doesnt fit, you can always adjust. You have complete control of what goes out and when.

    Did I mention there's a Manual setting as well? So you can approve each tweet before it goes out?

    Anyways...long story short...I want you back :-)

  2. Thanks Dino, that's a good idea. Maybe a tribe for artists. Just wish I had the time. I realize that running a tribe takes quite a bit of it. Maybe an artist will see this idea and run with it! Thanks again Dino, YOU are one of the main reasons Triberr will be successful!


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